Role:  First Camera Assistant

When beings from another world begin to abduct everyone around them, a college slacker and her two classmates join forces to find out why they were left behind.

Directed by Scott Carelli

© 2015 Dueling Genre Productions

The Cupid Division

Role:  Director of Photography

After a series of mysterious encounters, two strangers find themselves pitted against a conspiracy to control the fate of the world.

Written and Directed by Scott Carelli

© 2014 Dueling Genre Productions

Dealing with Death: The Five Stages

Studio 802's submission to the 2013 Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project as it aired the night of the screening.

Genre:  Buddy Film
Character:  Dan or Dana Fox, Human Resources Director
Prop:  Purse
Line of Dialog:  "When do you want to start?"

Note:  I contributed to the camera work along side of the Director of Photography.  I was not solely responsible for all the camera work.  Also, it's not linked to my own account for the time being.


Shot in January of 2013.  This was the short film that got me to branch out more to work with different people.

Southridge Manor

Studio 802 's submission to the 2011 Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project.

Genre: Horror
Character: Jonathon or Jolene Taylor, Lawyer
Prop: an Orange
Line of Dialog: "I would prefer not to."

Won Best Sound Design

Synopsis:  Two ghost hunters discover a house that suddenly was abandoned by its owners.

Fun Fact:  It was shot in one take.

Note:  This is linked to my friend's Vimeo account due to that I do not have the file to upload onto my own account for the time being. 

A Woodcarver's Daughter

In my early days of exploring cinematography, I provided the camera work for this short film.  It was filmed in the summer of 2012.

It's a story about a father's daughter that all of a sudden went missing.

Triple Action Hero

A collaboration with my friends creating an action sequence.  We wanted to work outside our comfort zone and try doing an action scene with digital effects.  This was created back in 2011.