Cinematography Demo Reel

10-22mm Car Sequence: Redux

A few years back I did a identical car sequence, but that was during my "infancy" stage of becoming a cinematographer. Now, two, almost three years later, I have learned a significant amount and wanted to put that knowledge to better use. I used the same car suction mount as before and drove around my parents' neighborhood five times. There are more shots I wanted to achieve that day, but I ran out of time. It's an improvement to say the least. Enjoy!

Music from the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack
Artist: Magna
Track: Divide

Night Car shoot

Primarily, the video consists of interior shots of me driving around at night. I was using a 10-22mm lens that was attached to the car suction mount. I wanted to see how well the lens could perform in low lit areas.

I do NOT own the rights to the music.

Artist: The Cynic Project
Song: Liquid Images
Album: Soundscapes Sampler