About Me/Espy Video Production

Photo cred: Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography

Photo cred: Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography


Your ideas no longer needs to be just an idea anymore. You want it to be a product of some sort that creates an awe, exciting and resonating experience with your establishments.

Espy Video Production sets out to do just that: evolve your idea into something concrete that not only your eyes see, but everyone else too.  The philosophy of Espy VP is that it’s not just merely to get the job done.  It’s there to create a relationship/partnership with each person(s) and or company for the long haul.

Espy Video Production offers high definition video work for a full range of events and products, from weddings to corporate. Our work is carefully crafted with specific attention to detail making sure your video highlights the moments that matter the most to you.


Espy VP resides in the Fort Wayne, IN but, that doesn't mean it's just restricted to that one area.  Espy VP will be more than happy to accommodate its services out of state too.


Espy VP is owned by Michael Espy.  Michael Espy graduated from the University of Saint Francis in 2008 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts concentrating in Computer Animation.  Michael broke away from computer animation and sought out a new calling:  film.  Ever since 2010, the love for the camera has flourished which lead Mike down the path to participate in short film competitions, create a variety of short films and to now having his own company.

In Mike’s spare time he exercises on a daily basis, watches movies and plays video games - the average male - but in doing so he co-hosts a video game podcast, Co-Op Mode Reviews.